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Jada擅長在優雅的氛圍下, 細膩地捕捉人物之間的關係和情感表現, 將故事互相緊扣, 成為最美麗而永恆的影像。

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要經得起時間洗禮的照片,未必需要經天動地的情節,描繪兩人的情感已經是最美最耐看的畫面。Jada Poon 就著新人的個性來安排拍攝方式,讓新人放心展現真摯一面, 希望在溝通和觀察中,細心發掘新人的細微舉動,捕捉他們獨有一面。

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Remember why you started

Sometimes we get caught up by life’s to-do list. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by busyness reacting to the expectations and needs from work without processing too much about what aligns with our life goals. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The truth is – for the past year, I have been a bit overwhelmed- juggling between the unexpected increase of wedding shoots and destination weddings I have taken on (and still thankful that so many people trust me with such an important day in their lives), the amazing growth of our Beloved portraiture brand as we take on more exciting personal portraitures and branding/editorial projects, and planning my own wedding together with building on our marriage.

This morning, I looked at the words I have printed out on my inspiration board – Remember why you started, and something fell back into place within me. I started remembering- how I love photography because I deeply feel the power that I am given to create legacies for every person that I photograph – to remind them of their very own version of faith hope and love – the very essence of life. I feel called to paint beauty that is not only skin deep, and to tell stories that go beyond the dimension of time. I feel called to impact and inspire, one heart at a time.

To fully step into that and create, I know I need to feel more richly and love life more deeply. And because of that, I have decided to be much more selective about the shoots that I take on in the coming year. 
I want to ensure that I am constantly able to feel and connect with everyone that I photograph, to pour out my best, and to ensure that our visions align so that they can receive what is best to them. I yearn to tell more inspiring and impactful visual stories. And so here I am:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Not here to DO MORE. But here to BE.
Because only when we are BEING, can we BECOME better. . Portrait of @natalie.soderstrom HMUA @gabbiemakeup Dress @leegrebenau @audellabridal . . . #jadapoonphotography #belovedbyjp #hongkongportraitphotographer #hkportraitphotographer #fineartcuration #belovedbeauties #womenempowerment #beautifulinsideout #portraitphotography #womenportrait #weddinggown #thepowerofno #bestill

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